Review: Firstgear Women’s 90-Watt Heated Jacket Liner and Dual Remote Control Heat-Troller Kit

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FGheatedgearHere in North Carolina temperatures have been hovering in the mid-20s as I depart for my daily commute each morning (in January). That makes the 25-minute trek to the office quite chilly on a motorcycle, to say the least. That’s why I was excited to try out Firstgear’s Heated Jacket Liner hoping that it would improve the quality of my commute.

There are two components to the Firstgear system; the first is the jacket itself, the second is the controller, which Firstgear calls the Heat-Troller. Installation is straightforward. The wiring harness connects to the battery with ring connectors. Then the receiver plugs into the harness with plenty of wire length for whatever application you may have. The jacket liner then plugs into the receiver, which, in the case of the Dual Remote Kit sampled here, has two output plugs so you can hook up heated pants as well. Once you’re all plugged in, the wireless remote controller is used to regulate the heat output with two color-coded knobs so that you know which garment you’re controlling.

The jacket liner itself is a good-looking item, even though it’s meant to be buried under multiple layers and an outer protective jacket. It’s light and thin, which makes it easy to wear even under snug fitting outerwear. The plug that goes to the receiver comes out of the left-hand pocket. Small, zippered compartments on each wrist contain plugs for heated gloves. The liner fits close to the body to maximize heat transfer. It’s worth noting that the jacket is not all black, as depicted on Firstgear’s website, but is actually an attractive gray color with black stretch panels. It looks much nicer in person than it does online. Even when not in use as a heater, the jacket is comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement at all.

On a particularly cold January morning I donned the jacket liner and hopped on the bike for the ride to work. The first thing that struck me was how quickly it began to warm up. I hadn’t even had a chance to hit the starter button before I could feel some warmth. Within a mile of my house the jacket was pumping out some serious heat. Granted, I had it cranked to the maximum setting, but nevertheless I was very impressed by how warm it got. Even in sub-freezing temperatures at speeds around 65 mph, the heat was almost (but not quite) too much at its highest setting. Thankfully, the wireless controller unit (which can be mounted to the bike or simply kept in a pocket) is continuously variable between off and max power allowing you to dial up the perfect amount of warmth for the conditions.

The jacket liner is available in either 65 or 90-watt versions. Though I only tested the 90, it’s a safe bet that the 65 won’t get nearly as warm. However, some bikes’ electrical systems can’t handle the 90-watt version, so before you order, make sure you know how much electrical power your bike has to spare.

The Firstgear Heated Jacket Liner and Dual Remote Control Heat work as designed—they provide a warm and comfortable ride even in the dead of winter. The system can be installed in five minutes or less, and the wireless controller is weatherproof and easy to use. If you’re looking to extend your riding season through even the coldest months, the Firstgear heated gear will get you there without frostbite.

Firstgear Women’s 90-Watt Heated Jacket Liner
Sizes: XS-XXL
Color: gray
Price: $199.95

Dual Remote Control Heat-Troller Unit
Price: $139.95


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