RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: Vermont State Route 100

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BUCKET ROAD, VT SR-100Vermont’s State Route 100 runs north and south, virtually border to border between Massachusetts and Canada, through the state’s rural farmland and many of New England’s classic, white-steeple villages. Although the road has its curves, this is an asphalt delicacy that begs to be sipped, not gulped. The best time to go is late spring through early fall.

Points of Interest: Riders will see panoramic vistas of bucolic farmlands and stately mountains, quaint villages with shops selling crafts and other wares for every taste, rushing waterfalls, idyllic lakes, inviting B&B’s, classic country stores, nearby covered bridges, ski resorts with a variety of summertime activities, family-owned restaurants, art galleries, performing arts, and more.

Scenery: Classic New England countryside framed by the Green Mountains.
Curves: Mostly sweepers, nothing too technical.
Traffic: Predominantly motorcyclists and other tourists in the summer, but the route can become clogged with leaf peepers in the fall.
Road Conditions: Severe winters often leave frost heaves and potholes on many of the paved roads in this region.
Distance: Approximately 207 miles.
Time Required: About two days at a relaxed riding pace, with stops at the many points of interest along the way.
Technical Difficulty: Appropriate for riders of virtually all experience levels.
Source of Map: Garmin BaseCamp


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