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Races to Places TourOne look at Horizon Unlimited’s HUB online bulletin board proves that there is no shortage of world-traveling motorcyclists out there. What makes Lyndon Poskitt unique, however, is that he doesn’t just ride from place to place, he rides from race to race. Poskitt, an Englishman, is a former Dakar racer and aerospace engineer who decided to take a few years off to circumnavigate the globe both laterally and longitudinally by motorcycle. The trip will take about two years and cover over 100,000 miles, 50 countries, and six continents before it’s done. The twist here is that Poskitt will also attempt to enter a variety of local and international rallies wherever his travels take him, and he’ll race the same bike he’s traveling on. He just recently announced that he’ll be competing in the 2015 Baja Rally in California and Mexico. Poskitt says of the event, “I raced the BAJA 1000 back in 2007 on a KTM 950 SuperEnduro and spent a few weeks pre-running. I’ve explored Baja, CA, extensively, so I know the BAJA RALLY will be a perfect fit for me, offering unique terrain and scenic views to add to my Races to Places program. There’s always more to see and ride, and riding in Baja will add a very different experience, something I am looking forward to.”

Along the way Poskitt is releasing a series of videos that chronicle his journey, which you can check out on his website here.

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