Review: Sidi On Road GORE-TEX Boots

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Review: Sidi On Road GORE-TEX BootsMost of us purchase gear that corresponds to our particular riding style. Race track and sportbike riders have their leathers, as do the Harley-Davidson and the cruiser crowd, albeit with a somewhat different look, adventure riders have their matching jacket and pants suits, while urban commuters have another look altogether. It’s a system that works well for the most part. What if you own multiple bikes with various riding styles, but you only want to buy one pair of riding boots? In that case, the On Road GORE-TEX boots from Sidi may be the perfect pair for you.

Made of Italian leather, the boots’ exterior offers simple styling that works equally well on a cruiser or adventure bike. These are tall boots, topping out midway up the calf for good protection and waterproof qualities. Though they are full size, they do compromise protection when compared with full on ADV-style boots, hence the name “On Road.” The On Roads only have medial protection (ankle bone) on the insides of the boot, on the outsides there are buckles for tailoring the fit. I would like to have seen the medial protectors on both sides. The shin area is stiff, but it isn’t armored at all. The sole is also a compromise, stiffer than most boots, yet pliable enough to walk around in. Overall protection is better than most street-riding boots, but if you wish for more you may want to consider Sidi’s dual sport lineup.

As you gathered from the name, the On Roads have a GORE-TEX membrane that is both waterproof and breathable. On a recent tour I took of southern Georgia and northern Florida, temperatures reached 95 degrees with high humidity. Suffice it to say, it was hot. Yet the Sidis kept my feet surprisingly comfortable. I was very impressed by the level of breathability present in this waterproof boot. And waterproof they are. I wore the On Roads through a few heavy rain showers and my feet remained perfectly dry. During some off-road work, I also waded through several water crossings to check the depth while wearing them. Again, even when completely submerged, not a drop penetrated the GORE-TEX membrane.

Donning and doffing is a quick affair with large Velcro panels around the top of the boot, and the aforementioned tightening buckles across the ankle offer a generous opening when undone. The fasteners are well designed, and it’s easy to achieve a snug fit. To customize the boot for different foot shapes, Sidi has incorporated a removable arch support pad, which is a nice touch. Only some half sizes are available, which made me opt for an 11 (I’m usually a 10.5), and I found that the size runs true as the boots are just a tad too big.

Quality is first rate with high-end materials and double stitching in key areas. The Sidi On Road is a premium boot that manages to cover a wide range of riding styles. It works best as a long-distance waterproof touring boot but can be used for light ADV duty as well as cruising and commuting.

Color: Black
Sizes: Men’s 6-15
Price: $360 
($380 for sizes 14 and 15)


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