RoadRUNNER Behind the Scenes: Reader Ride

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RoadRUNNER Behind the Scenes: Reader RideJust about every issue of RoadRUNNER Magazine features a Reader Ride submitted by one of you, our faithful readers!  RoadRUNNER’s audience is by far the most dedicated and experienced group of touring motorcyclists to be found with many spectacular touring experiences under their collective belts. RoadRUNNER’s Reader Ride section allows us the opportunity to share some of the fantastic tours our readers take with the rest of our audience.

Some Reader Rides include exotic destinations like Scotland (Dec. ’14) and Vietnam (Apr. ’12) but most are domestic tours like Tennessee (June ’12) or California (April ’14). Whatever the location, Reader Rides offer a different perspective and a unique voice to the pastime that we all love. Like all of RoadRUNNER’s Tours, the Reader Rides come complete with maps and GPS files (free to download if the article came out during your subscription period). Uniquely, however, Reader Rides include a rating system for the route’s scenery, history, traffic, curves, and road conditions in lieu of the Facts & Information section that concludes other tour articles.

If you’re interested in submitting a trip you’ve taken or one you plan to ride in the future, just remember that the most important part of any tour article is good writing and spectacular photos, so be sure to take lots of pictures, especially riding shots! To see a full list of submission guidelines go to:

If we end up printing your story, you’ll receive $50 and a RoadRUNNER T-Shirt, so get out there and explore!


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