Staying Comfortable When the Road is Long

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Staying Comfortable When the Road is LongCar drivers must really wonder what’s going on. I’m sailing down the highway with my chin nearly resting on the bars with my shins on the pegs. I’m just taking a quick stretch, but for the brief moment I’m in their vicinity, my fellow road-goers must think me rather odd. Sure it looks strange, but moving around on the bike and finding creative ways to work out the kinks are a skill every motorcyclist gains as he or she racks up the miles.

Often times when I go on tour, I do find myself having to slog down a freeway for a few hundred miles to reach my destination. These miles tend to be a bit boring, but hey, it’s still better than driving a car! Without beautiful views or engaging curves to distract me, my body’s complaints start to get louder, and I find myself performing plenty of interesting body contortions to appease them. I’m sure you do too.

Each motorcycle and rider is different, and when riding in a group, it’s fun watching what fellow motorcyclists do to stay loose on their bikes. Personally, I do my most inventive movements while riding cruisers since I find there are fewer options for stretching (it’s hard to stand up when the pegs are in front of you). Adventure bikes and standards, with their neutral seating position, wide bars, and pegs directly underneath offer a nice amount of wiggle room. Sportbikes, well, we don’t even need to talk about those.

How about you? How do you stay comfortable when the road ahead is long and straight?


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