RoadRUNNER Behind the Scenes: Shamrock Tours – One City, Four Loops

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RoadRUNNER Behind the Scenes: Shamrock Tours - One City, Four LoopsThose who’ve been subscribing to RoadRUNNER Magazine for some time will be very familiar with our trademark Shamrock Tours as they’re the cornerstone of each issue. From  RoadRUNNER’s very beginning in 2001, we wanted to create motorcycle tours that are easy and convenient so that our readers would be able to enjoy as many of the magazine’s routes as possible. For the uninitiated, a RoadRUNNER  Shamrock Tour consists of four day loops out of a central location. This approach has many advantages over round trip routes. Since the tour is focused on a central location, you can generally get a much better feel for the city or town that you’re in, as opposed to just passing through. Also, staying at one hotel or other place of lodging, for four nights instead of four different hotels for one night each makes for a much more relaxing tour with far less packing and unpacking. If time is a problem, it’s easy to split a Shamrock Tour in half and do two of the four routes in consecutive weekends, or whenever convenient.

The Shamrock Tours get their name from the shape the four routes make on a map—each loop being one of the shamrock’s “leaves.” Though we are aware that shamrocks typically have only three leaves, four days on a motorcycle are always better than three! RoadRUNNER’s Shamrock Tours have become so well known, mostly because of the handy tear-out tankbag maps found in the back of each issue. These maps are also available for download, along with the GPS files for the tour (free for all issues included during your subscription period).

In each Shamrock Tour article you’ll not only find an engaging description of the tour’s four loops, but also interesting facts about the area’s history, descriptions of great places to eat and stay, and plenty of other important local info essential for planning a great motorcycle ride. And, with over 13 years worth of Shamrock Tours already laid out, chances are you’ll find one wherever you’re planning to ride next. So be sure to look for a RoadRUNNER Shamrock Tour when you’re scouting out your next motorcycle adventure!

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