RoadRUNNER Editor Spotlight: David Burbach

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RoadRUNNER Editor Spotlight: David BurbachYou’ve read their articles and perhaps met them out on the road or at RoadRUNNER‘s annual Touring Weekend, but what do you know about our illustrious group of writers and editors? We decided to ask each one a few simple questions and share their responses with you, next up, RoadRUNNER photojournalist, David Burbach.

Name: David Burbach
Current city and state: Winston-Salem, NC

  1. How and when did you start riding? I started riding in college after my brother suggested I buy an old, but somewhat functional bike. The moment I saw it, I was hooked.
  2. What was your first bike? The bike mentioned above was a 1975 Honda CB750.
  3. Tell us your favorite road where you live? Highway 8 up into Virginia is pretty special.
  4. Current ride (or bike you ride the most)? 2000 Suzuki SV650
  5. Number one Bucket List Road? That’s a hard one to nail down, Alaska’s Dalton Highway is certainly a contender, as is the Road of Bones through Siberia, and anything in Ireland or Iceland.

What are the best and worst bikes you’ve ever ridden and how did they earn that distinction? 

Best: A brief ride on a Honda CB 1000 R left me very, very impressed and recently I’ve enjoyed the new liquid cooled BMW R 1200 GS and the KTM 1190 Adventure immensely, but in the end, I just love my little SV.

Worst: A recent ride on an older (’96 I think) Kawasaki Vulcan 750 got me off the hook so I don’t have to call out any more late model bikes. The ride wouldn’t have been so unpleasant if not for the front brakes dragging on their rotors. When the bike was cold it wasn’t so bad, but as the brakes heated up they clamped down harder and harder until, by the time I returned to the garage after only three of four miles, the brakes were nearly locked and the front end was smoking profusely.

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