2015 Yamaha FJ-09: The FZ Gets Civilized

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2015 Yamaha FJ-09: The FZ Gets CivilizedLast year the motorcycling world was set ablaze by the mid-size, budget priced Yamaha FZ-09 naked bike. Powered by a potent 847cc inline-triple with a MSRP under $8k, the FZ certainly offers a lot of bang for the buck. Building on that success, Yamaha just unveiled a new touring bike based on the FZ called the FJ-09. As you would expect, it’s powered by the same triple as the FZ but adds a number of touring and comfort features to make it a true sport-touring machine.

The first thing you’ll notice is the front fairing and adjustable windshield, which by themselves should make the FJ-09 much more comfortable over long distances. The FJ also has a larger, more comfortable seat for both rider and passenger with customizable riding position, a bigger fuel tank, and a center stand. Hard side cases and a topcase are available options.

The FJ-09 also includes Traction Control, ABS, and YCC-T ride-by-wire-throttle. The bike’s predecessor was widely panned for its jumpy and hard-to-modulate throttle, and it remains to be seen whether these problems have been resolved on the FJ. Similarly, the FZ-09 was also criticized for its suspension set up which hurt the bike’s handling. We hope that Yamaha has addressed this with the FJ as well.

While we wait to see if the FZ’s less than desirable traits have been eliminated from the touring version, we can still be thankful that the two things for which the FZ-09 was universally praised continue with the FJ. That sweet inline triple will surely liven up every ride while a very affordable price point will make the bike accessible to lots of potential owners. MSRP for the FJ-09 is set at $10,490.


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