Mercedes-AMG Goes to Bat with MV Agusta

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Mercedes-AMG Goes to Bat with MV AgustaIt was big news when Audi acquired Ducati back in 2012. The motorcycling world wondered if and how the German automaker would change the Italian motorcycle company. Two years later, it seems that all of our fears and worries were unfounded as Ducati has pretty much continued building the same kind of bikes they always have.

In another example of German-Italian collaboration, Mercedes-AMG, the marque’s famous performance division, has acquired a 25 percent stake in MV Agusta for an undisclosed amount. Mercedes-AMG’s Chief Executive, Tobias Moers, says, “In MV Agusta, we have found the perfect two-wheeled partner for Mercedes-AMG … The Partnership provides us with an entry into a world of additional high-performance enthusiasts.”

In similar fashion, MV Agusta’s President and CEO Giovanni Castiglioni said of the deal, “MV Agusta and Mercedes-AMG are a perfect brand fit: two complementary companies that stand for design, high performance, and excellence. Mercedes-AMG will help MV Agusta to further expand globally and accelerate our growth.”

That is a bit vague, but it sounds like the two companies plan on sharing knowledge and technology, which, given the industrial might of Mercedes-Benz, can only be a good thing for the small Italian motorcycle manufacturer.

What do you think of automakers involving themselves in the motorcycle industry?


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