Review: M-Tech Men’s Adventure Jacket

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Review: M-Tech Men’s Adventure JacketThe challenge with multi-season motorcycle gear is that, in trying to be all things for all seasons, they end up being all-compromise, not quite vented enough on a hot summer day and vents that leak cold air (and possibly water) when the temperature drops. Multi-purpose liners do help in colder weather, but when removed result in a jacket that feels two sizes too large.

The M-Tech Adventure jacket and pants are built with no such pretenses. This gear is meant for just two temperatures, cold and colder. With a minimum of vents (just two three-inch slits on the sleeves and two similar ones on the pants) and waterproof pockets both inside and out, this jacket looks like it was made for a day in the Scottish Highlands, in March—in the rain.

The attention to detail in this jacket is impressive. Two waterproof slash pockets feature external zipper pulls that, when fully closed, tuck into their own little rubber garages to stop rain from sneaking in. Waist pockets are sealed with zips and snaps and incorporate a strip of grippy rubber on the flap for easy grabbing. The tall collar includes two stretchable gartered sections along with a size adjustment in the rear and a two-position offset snap closure.

The jacket comes with two liners—a seam sealed water resistant outer liner (the jacket itself is water repellant; the liner is additional protection) and a thicker insulated liner. The liners’ zippers are designed so that they may be used individually or in tandem. There’s that attention to detail again. Snaps on the jacket, arms, and waist help adjust the volume of the jacket depending upon the number of liners used.

Review: M-Tech Men’s Adventure JacketThe matching pants are similarly made, with minimal ventilation and maximum attention to detail. A nearly full circumference zipper connects the pants and jacket together to prevent the jacket from riding up in an off.

If you’re looking for cold weather adventure gear, M-Tech deserves serious consideration.

M-Tech Men’s Adventure Jacket
Price: $439.99
Colors: Blue/Gray/Black, Black
Sizes: S-XXL

Price: $279.99
Colors: Gray/Black, Black
Sizes: S-XXL


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