2015 KTM Freeride E: The Electric Dirt Bike

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2015 KTM Freeride E: The Electric Dirt BikeIt seems like more electric bikes come on the market every week. Some are from major motorcycle companies and others are from start-ups hoping to capitalize on the future market potential of the environmentally friendly rides. But at least with current technology (no pun intended), electric power has two glaring drawbacks when compared with internal combustion propelled vehicles: price and range. There are advantages too, however, and not just for the environment. Electric motors produce instantaneous torque and can provide throttle response that’s smoother and more linear than a piston engine’s ever could be. They’re also much less complex than IC bikes with fewer moving parts and wear items (most don’t even have a transmission or clutch), which leads to fewer breakdowns, less maintenance, and lower cost.

These and other traits make electricity an even more attractive power source for off-road work, so it’s not surprising that the Freeride E, KTM’s first EV, is a dirt-only machine. The bike features a lightweight frame, a removable battery pack, and a 21.5 horsepower electric motor producing 31 pound-feet of torque, more than enough for its claimed weight of just 209 pounds. Range is not as much of a factor on a dirt bike, but it is still important, and KTM says the battery pack will last for about an hour of dirt riding fun, depending on the operator. Luckily, you can bring some spare battery packs with you and quickly swap them out as one dies, kind of like refilling with gas, though no doubt significantly more expensive up front. Speaking of cost, KTM is leaving us to speculate on that.

You can see more details at: www.ktmfreeride-e.com/en


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