RoadRUNNER Editor Spotlight: Alfonse Palaima

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RoadRUNNER Editor Spotlight: Alfonse PalaimaYou’ve read their articles and perhaps met them out on the road or at RoadRUNNER‘s annual Touring Weekend, but what do you know about our illustrious group of writers and editors? We decided to ask each one a few simple questions and share their responses with you, next up, frequent contributor and motorcycle tester Alfonse “Fonze” Palaima.

Name: Alfonse Palaima
Current city and state: Los Angeles, CA

  1. How and when did you start riding? In about 1990, during a need for college transportation.
  2. What was your first bike? A custom chopped Honda CX500
  3. Tell us your favorite road where you live? Angeles Crest Highway—70 miles of twisties on the very edge of town
  4. Current ride (or bike you ride the most)? Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Low
  5. Number one Bucket List Road? Something in the Alps, high mountain passes—I still have not ridden mainland Europe.

What are the best and worst bikes you’ve ever ridden and how did they earn that distinction?

Worst: QLink XF200—Came shipped in a crate directly to the office, we had to do final assembly and inspection ourselves. The inspection revealed cracked body panels and levers, the ride was shaky and scary—but at least the manufacturer admitted to cutting corners in the name of saving the buyer thousands of dollars when compared to the Japanese model it was copying.

Best: I know this will sound rather cliché, but the new BMW R 1200 GS waterboxer has got it all, speed and agility on the street, stout composure on the trail—the best for both riding worlds. In my fantasy world, however, there is no maintenance or high MSRP.

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