RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: Pennsylvania Dutch Country Cruise

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RoadRUNNER's Bucket List Roads: Pennsylvania Dutch Country CruiseWhat is It? Instead of just one bucket list road this month, we’re offering a whole location. The designated route follows a variety of delightful secondary roads through the Amish Country in Lancaster County, PA. Owing to their strict religious order, the Amish seem to have made time stand still. The route starts and finishes in Lancaster, PA, and is appropriate for any style of street legal motorcycle and for most riding skill levels.

RoadRUNNER's Bucket List Roads: Pennsylvania Dutch Country CruiseScenery: Quaint country lanes meander over and around gently rolling hills in a bucolic landscape of white Amish barns and farmhouses surrounded by lush fields under cultivation. The Amish lifestyle requires that most modern conveniences be avoided in favor of traditional ways of farming. For example, homes have no electricity and farm implements are pulled by teams of horses, a sight few first time visitors will have seen previously. Amish transportation is mostly in street legal buggies, propelled by a horse (beware of the … ahem … “road apples” on Amish roads). The villages are charmingly preserved and full of craft outlets. The route also offers sweeping vistas of the Susquehanna River

Curves: The curves along the route are mostly of the sweeper variety.

Points of Interest: Of particular note are: (1) the historic, mile-long Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge, (2) the steam-powered Strasburg Railroad and the still functional Mascot Roller Mill. Also, see the Destinations and RoadFOOD sections of this month’s newsletter for other points of interest.

Traffic: Traffic is often heavy on weekends.

Distance: Approximately 125 miles.

Time Required: Three hours to all day, depending on frequency and length of stops.

Technical Difficulty: This isn’t a technically demanding route, but rather a laid-back, relaxing cruise through a rural American landscape, which in many ways seems little changed from the 19th century.


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