One Aussie, One Dream: To Be the Youngest to Travel the Globe by Motorcycle

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One Aussie, One Dream: To Be the Youngest to Travel the Globe by MotorcycleMike Schram is a young Australian who started traveling around the world when he was just 16 in an effort to set the world record for the youngest person to do so. His journey so far has taken him to New Zealand, Canada, Alaska, the U.S., Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. He then shipped his bike to the Netherlands and went to the United Kingdom via Belgium and France. He is now on his way to the most northern point in Norway. Europe is his third continent.

The following is his explanation and description of his unique adventure:

One Aussie, One Dream: To Be the Youngest to Travel the Globe by Motorcycle“I’ve seen so many young people wasting their youth on all kinds of stuff that I don’t even want to think about. I hope to show them that there is a beautiful world out there – a wonderful world with wonderful people. That’s why I want to do this, and that’s why I want to maintain my blog, so that others can see and experience a small part of what I’m experiencing and hopefully get them to go out there as well. When I started this trip, there were some scary prospects. Dangerous border crossings and countries where I was told I could be killed. If you believe half of the rumors about foreign countries, then you can’t go anywhere. Once you’re in those countries, the reality is often very different. People are basically the same wherever you go. I’ve met wonderful people in every country I’ve visited so far.

My trip will take about three years to complete, which will make me 19 when I finish. I know there are people who go around the world a lot faster; some even do 80,000 km in a year, but to me that’s not traveling, just zooming past. I’m being accompanied by my parents, each of us on our own bike. We travel slowly, and we take time to see and experience it. We left in November 2012, three days after my last day at school, with a simple plan. That plan has changed, sometimes because of tips given by people we’ve met on places to see, sometimes because of political unrest.

Highlights so far have been the isolation and raw beauty of Alaska, the national parks in Canada and the USA, the people and amazing culture of Mexico (and the amazing food!). Being able to see and experience the Mayan culture in the Guatemalan highlands, the ruins of Palenque and Tikal, riding right up to the rim of a volcano in Nicaragua—actually the whole of Central America was a highlight! The motorcycling heritage of England is amazing, as was meeting the legendary Sammy Miller! Next on my list are Norway and Finland.

As it was difficult to find a lot of good information on the net before I left, such as locating campgrounds in Mexico and Central America or information on how to cross each border, I’ve put GPS files on my blog with campgrounds and step-by-step info on each border. I also have many photographs and helmet cam video on there so you can take a virtual trip. My blog is at”


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