Pot Holes, Sink Holes, and Buckled Roads

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Pot Holes, Sink Holes, and Buckled Roads Not a year goes by that we don’t have to put up with these conditions, but this year it has been much worse than usual. The winter has been brutal to our roadways with the thaw and freeze pattern taking much of the blame. This year in the Midwest we had frost down to 14 feet, and most city equipment only goes down eight feet. That means that when a water main breaks, cities have to hire somebody to fix it, and more money comes out of the funds. The “patch” material that they are using now is only a stopgap until a proper asphalt patch can be applied. And this cold patch runs $100 per ton, which doesn’t go very far.

In this area, there have been over 900 reported holes, and it’s the middle of summer! This means that many larger cities are not going to have the funds to fix the problem. And if these pits are messing up cars, think of what they will do to motorcycles!

Most cities have a Pot Hole Hot Line—call it and report it. If it isn’t fixed, keep calling them until it is. If these suckers can pop a tie rod on your car, imagine what they can do to your bike—and body. Until then, ride aware.

Ride on.


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