I Sold My Bike

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I Sold My BikeAfter all my advice in a previous blog “So, You Want To Sell Your Bike?,” I ended up having to wholesale mine to a dealer. Lost some money, but I was able to get the bank off my back with a few bucks to spare. There were no “separation issues”; I was glad to see her go. There was no way I could even push that bike, much less ride it. That also opened my eyes to the fact that I am not strong enough yet to be any kind of rider, two- or three- wheeled. Again I spent the month of May in the hospital; my weight was down to 128 pounds, and I had pneumonia and several other problems. With a tube feed I am back to 165 pounds and feeling fine. I still have drug interactions, but we’re working on that.

The thing is, I am sidelined for I don’t know how long. And again we will be “out of season” here soon, and I can use that time to get back in shape. Time will tell.

It hasn’t been all bad news this year. I was nominated for the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Didn’t get in, but at least I was nominated (I think they just didn’t know where to stick an artist).

Ride on.


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A Wisconsin farm boy, I learned how to ride a cow, before a horse and way before a motorcycle. I first started riding on my 16th birthday and I took my first real ride at my party: I pulled a wheelie and dug a trench in the lawn, which sent the bike in one direction and me in another. I was irrevocably hooked!