American Road Trip: Too Young to Ride a Gold Wing?

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Too Young to Ride a Gold Wing?It’s true. Sarah and I aren’t Honda’s typical target market for the Gold Wing. We’re both in our twenties. Does that mean we can’t enjoy the luxury of the Gold Wing? I’m very lucky to have access to all types of bikes, and I have ridden a wide variety of motorcycles. So I know what I like and what I don’t, and I also know which motorcycle is appropriate for the tour at hand. When we chose to ride across the country, it was a no-brainer to pick the Gold Wing as our mode of transportation. The main reason was the passenger comfort. Sarah has a nice backrest and a super comfy seat. The luggage capacity was the other deciding factor. Although tricky to pack because of its shape, the Wing let us have everything we need for five weeks on the road.

So, are we too young for a Gold Wing? Of course not! We’re just a little further ahead in the process and know why the Gold Wing is the ultimate touring machine.


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