BMW Introduces First Cornering ABS

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BMW Introduces First Cornering ABS

Back in 1988 BMW became the first motorcycle manufacturer to release a bike equipped with ABS brakes. In 2009 the German company unveiled the S 1000 RR super bike, the first with both ABS and dynamic traction control (DTC in BMW speak). Since then, with BMW’s proprietary Race ABS (and an incredible engine), the S 1000 RR has become one of the most highly acclaimed super bikes in history. Now, BMW is bringing another level of innovation to what is already arguably the best street going, yet race track ready, ABS on the market. ABS Pro, a retrofit option on BMW’s top of the line HP4, is a further refinement of the system that now allows ABS braking while cornering.

Most motorcyclists know that braking in a corner isn’t ideal. Whether on the road or the racetrack, it’s always best to get your braking done before entering a turn so that 100-percent of traction is available for the turn itself. However, especially on the street, riders sometimes encounter situations that are far from perfect. ABS Pro is designed to handle even abrupt brake inputs mid-corner without upsetting the bike’s steering too much or causing it to stand up unintentionally.

The system uses inputs from the HP4’s sensors for its DTC and DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) to determine the bike’s lean angle, roll and yaw rate, and transverse acceleration. With that information the ABS can meter out the maximum braking force for the current level of traction as well as tailoring its delivery to the riding situation. ABS Pro integrates with the rest of the bike’s riding modes and its full application is available in Rain and Sport modes while, since ABS Pro is intended for the street, it is unavailable in Race and Slick modes.

ABS Pro can be added to BMW HP4s in dealerships starting this October for €380 (approx. $512 U.S.). Though it is currently only offered on BMW’s flagship super bike, the technology has exciting implications for the rest of BMW’s lineup and for future ABS development. What BMW started in 1988 has since trickled down to most modern motorcycles, and chances are ABS Pro will be no different.

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