Schuberth Demo Ride Program

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Schuberth Demo Ride ProgramLike motorcycles themselves, helmets can be an expensive investment, especially high-end ones. Few riders would purchase a new motorcycle without at least taking it for a short ride first. Schuberth North America has realized this fact and decided to offer a test ride program for their helmets.

Peter Meade, Schuberth North America’s National Sales Manager, says, “Proper fit and comfort is extremely important in finding the right helmet. Our demo helmet program gives anyone looking for a new helmet the opportunity to not only try on a Schuberth, but also take it for a ride in order to get a practical, real-world experience.”

Schuberth dealers across the country will be participating in the program, particularly focusing on the S2 helmet. Schuberth NA also has a number of additional partners that help give riders the opportunity to try out Schuberth helmets. At Keith Code’s California Superbike School students can choose between the S2 and SR1, while customers of MotoQuest tours can rent S2, C3, and C3W models.

To find a list of participating Schuberth dealers follow this link:

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