West Virginia Wonder: The 2014 RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend

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West Virginia Wonder: The 2014 RoadRUNNER Touring WeekendFor its ninth year RoadRUNNER’s annual Touring Weekend was held in the beautiful Snowshoe Ski Resort deep in the mountains of West Virginia. The 300 or so riders and passengers arrived at the Expo Center at the top of the mountain on Thursday night. The crowd, consisting of a great mix of those new to the weekend and the RoadRUNNER faithful who’ve been coming for years, were treated to a delicious dinner and opening remarks from Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Christa Neuhauser. After dinner Senior Editor Florian Neuhauser went over the routes for the weekend’s upcoming guided tours before discussing some techniques for riding the curvy mountain roads that would be encountered. Wrapping up the evening, Manuel Neuhauser gave a quick tutorial on group riding.

West Virginia Wonder: The 2014 RoadRUNNER Touring WeekendThe next morning dawned bright and clear with perfect motorcycling weather. The tour groups headed out between 8 and 9 a.m., half on the eastern tour and half on the western. The day was filled with stunning mountain views, small picturesque towns nestled in the valleys, and, of course, plenty of curves and more good food.

One interesting stop along the eastern route was the National Radio Observatory in Green Bank, WV. The facility is home to the world’s largest fully steerable radio telescope. At 100 meters (328 feet) across, the telescope is easily spotted right off the route. It’s used for listening to radio waves emitted by the universe in much the same way that a normal telescope looks at light. Because of the observatory, the entire area is designated as a “quiet-zone” for radio transmission. Virtually no one’s cell phone had service, which resulted in a welcome break from our constant digital connection.

West Virginia Wonder: The 2014 RoadRUNNER Touring WeekendAfter another extraordinary dinner, Friday night’s speaker was Allan Karl. Allan spent three years traveling the world by motorcycle, passing through 35 countries along the way. He shared intriguing stories and photos from his journeys and encouraged the audience to pursue their own adventures.

Saturday morning the weather looked to have turned for the worse. Cheat Mountain (the location of the Snowshoe Ski Resort) was shrouded in fog and a light rain was falling. Even so, lots of riders were up for the challenge and the tour groups left on time. Descending the mountain the fog quickly cleared and the rain followed soon after. The sky remained overcast for much of the day allowing riders to enjoy cool temperatures and beautiful, misty mountain views.

West Virginia Wonder: The 2014 RoadRUNNER Touring WeekendBack at the resort that night the closing dinner was even more extravagant than the two preceding it. Attendees were treated to more international travel stories as Lars Caldenhoven, Blue Rim Tour’s Peru tour guide, shared his love for South America while Florian Neuhauser gave a compelling presentation on Blue Rim’s inaugural South Africa tour. Following the presentations it was time for everyone’s favorite Touring Weekend tradition—Bingo night! With nearly $4,000 in prizes like Shoei helmets, a MotoChello audio system, a two-night stay in Snowshoe, lots of gift certificates, and much more (see full list below), the stakes were high and the competition fierce.

RoadRUNNER’s ninth annual Touring Weekend was a resounding success, once again riders from all walks of life came together to share and celebrate their common passion for motorcycle touring. Friendships were both made and renewed, West Virginia’s fantastic roads were explored, all had great food and fellowship, and the memory of RoadRUNNER’s founder, Christian Neuhauser, was honored in the most fitting way.

Be sure to join us July 16-18, 2015 for the Touring Weekend’s 10th Anniversary ride in Winston-Salem, NC.


IMG_7053We would like to thank all of our sponsors for donating the following prizes: T-shirts and window clings from Allstate Insurance, Touring Booklets for every guest from Leod Escapes Motorcycle Tours, Butler Maps Master Collection, Colorado Cool Wear Vest, Gift Certificates to Competition Accessories, Fastrax Xtreme luggage from Dowco, Draggin’ Jeans Gift Certificates, Dyna Bead Pack from Dyna Beads, Hannigan Motorsports Hoodie, MotoPressor Pocket Pump and Tire Gauge, C100 Super Cub Model Motorcycles from Honda, Joe Rocket Ballistic Jacket, LD Comfort riding shorts, MotoMark1 Gift Certificates, Motorhead Coffee, Olympia Renegade Mesh Jacket, Helen Two Wheels Roll Top Bag and Marsee Wallets from Racer Parts Wholesale, REV’IT! Sand Pro Gloves, Book: Bonneveille Go or Bust from Road Dog Publications, S100 Cycle Care Kits, Moto Seat Heater from Seat Comfort Systems, Shoei RF-1100 helmets and hat, 2-night stay at Snowshoe Mountain Ski resort, Twisted Core gear, $100 Gift Certificate and gear from Twisted Throttle, Motorcycle Journeys books from Whitehorse Press, Allan Karl’s book Forks, and a MotoChello Motorcycle Audio System.

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