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RadarNow! Answers the Eternal Question, “Should I Put on the Rain Gear?”

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RadarNow! Answers the Eternal Question, "Should I Put on the Rain Gear?"While I like the visual drama of an approaching summer thunderstorm as much as the next guy, I hate getting caught up in one. Even worse than that is the thirty miles of, “Should I put the rain gear on or shouldn’t I?” which is often followed by, “Oh my heavens it’s like a sauna in here! Should I take the rain gear off or keep it on and risk drowning in my own perspiration?” If only there was a way to really know if there’s a belter on my horizon…

RadarNow! Answers the Eternal Question, "Should I Put on the Rain Gear?"Enter RadarNow!* First shown to me at last year’s RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend, RadarNow! is a must have for every touring motorcyclist, quickly displaying a radar/weather map of wherever you happen to be at the moment. Sure there are other weather apps and dozens of weather websites that you can pick and choose from, but they are often cluttered with all manner of silly videos and advertising and unneeded links. The beauty of RadarNow! is its single-minded simplicity. Launch the app and it identifies your location and displays an animated weather map of your area showing where it is currently raining and what direction the precipitation is headed. That’s it. Instead of your typical weather app where you have to launch…tap to enter location…enter location…tap to view map…tap to view animated map…tap to view hourly forecast…and get soaked before you even get the report, you get a simple two-step process—launch and look. That’s it, and it’s way more accurate than wetting your finger and sticking it in the air. And way, way more accurate than your bunions. Seriously.

If you’re looking for more info, just click for current weather conditions and the simplified local forecast (just time, temperature, precipitation, and wind direction). There’s even a “Driver” mode that will constantly update your location and the weather in your area. It’s a battery killer though, so be forewarned.

First and foremost, RadarNow! is beautiful in its ease of use, helping answer the eternal question, “Should I put on the rain gear?” faster than you can say, “There’s a high pressure area over Des Moines.”

Available for Apple’s iOS and Android. There’s a free version (with ads) as well as a paid version ($2.99 for one year, $4.99 for two).

*Not to be confused with Golden Earring’s 80s hit “Radar Love

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