EBR 1190SX: Erik Buell’s Superfighter

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EBR 1190SX: Erik Buell’s SuperfighterBack in October we introduced you to Erik Buell Racing’s 1190RX, which is basically an (relatively) affordable version of EBR’s 1190RS exotic superbike. The RX promises to be perhaps the first truly competitive, all-American sportbike. Since its debut the RX has garnered plenty of praise in the press and it certainly looks to be living up to its hype. It seems, however, that Erik Buell and his team of mad scientists in East Troy, MI, haven’t been content to sit around and congratulate each other on a job well done. For months now the EBR website has teased an 1190SX model, but with no information as to what this motorcycle would be. Then, over the last several weeks, photos of the new machine began circulating the Internet, but still there were no hard facts to be found. But now the cat is finally out of the bag. The 1190SX is a no holds barred naked version of the extremely potent RX. The SX is powered by the same 1,190cc 72-degree liquid cooled V-twin as the RX, and it seems to be in an identical state of tune as well. Claimed power output is class leading at 185 horsepower and 101.6 pound-feet of torque. Pricing is also competitive at $16,995.

This year has seen an absolute flood of high-end naked bikes/streetfighters hit the market such as KTM’s 1190 Super Duke R, BMW’s S 1000 R, and Ducati’s Monster 1200, just to name a few. At least according to its spec sheet, the EBR 1190SX appears to have what it takes to take on any of them.

From the mouth of Erik Buell, “The streetfighter classification, which was so revolutionary when we first came to market, is now being used by marketing people for all sorts of motorcycles, including some thinly-disguised standard bikes that have de-tuned or obsolete powertrains. So, perhaps the appropriate new name for a bike like the 1190SX is, ‘Superfighter.’”


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