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Review: SHAD Zulupack SW55If you’ve ever gone on an international tour, you know the value of being able to use the same luggage on your motorcycle as you did on the flight. Traveling by airplane with your motorcycle gear isn’t an easy task. Bulky items like riding jackets, boots, and pants, as well as your helmet leave you little room for the rest of your clothes and belongings. One great way to reduce your travel headaches a bit is to take the SHAD Zulupack Waterproof Travel bag along with you. Though SHAD offers a wide range of capacities (from 5 to138 liters), the example here holds a total of 55 liters of stuff (divided between a 45-liter main compartment and a 10-liter secondary pocket). While it’s not the biggest bag out there, it has plenty of room for a full set of motorcycle gear, including a helmet and a few changes of clothes, without being overly bulky.

Review: SHAD Zulupack SW55What makes the Zulupack so useful is its versatility. The bag has two padded vertical shoulder straps on the back allowing it to be worn like a backpack as well as a single large strap on the side like a duffle bag—perfect for carrying between hotels and airports. An abundance of cinching tie-down straps makes attaching the bag to the rear seat or luggage rack of a motorcycle a painless affair.

Any bag that’s going to spend a portion of its life strapped to the back of a motorcycle needs to be able to protect its contents from the rains that it will inevitably be subjected to. To this end, the SW55 is constructed from 420D Nylon double-sided PVC coating. The material is not only waterproof, it’s also lightweight and resistant to abrasion and tearing. PVC zippers complete the weather seal.

Some other nice features include an EVA foam pad that makes wearing the Zulupack on your back quite comfortable and a small, easily accessible waterproof pocket on the top for things like a passport, cell phone, or wallet. The SHAD SW55 Zulupack offers exceptional flexibility at a great size and price, but please don’t be that guy who tries to stuff it into the airplane’s overhead bin.

SHAD SW55 Zulupack Waterproof Drybag
Price: $169.99
Size: 55L
Color: black


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