Yamaha Announces FZ-07

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Yamaha Announces FZ-07We were excited about Yamaha’s affordable and sporty new naked bike, the FZ-09, when it was announced last summer. With a powerful new inline triple and a MSRP under $8k, the FZ was a compelling bargain. But Yamaha isn’t stopping there. The Japanese company has recently announced the FZ-07, the 09’s little brother. A 689cc parallel twin using the same cross-plane concept as the FZ-09’s 847cc inline-triple powers the FZ-07. Power is reported to be in the neighborhood of 75 horsepower and 50 pound feet of torque, which isn’t bad considering the bike’s sub-400 pound ready to ride weight. The FZ-07 will be priced at $6,990, which, at only $1,000 cheaper than the FZ-09 may put buyers in a quandary of which Yamaha to choose. Those looking for an affordable and powerful mid-size naked will likely stick with the FZ-09, while those looking for an entry level bike that’s still fast and fun may find the FZ-07 checks all the right boxes.

Which FZ would you choose?


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