Oh Ducati, You’re Such a Tease….

Jun 11, 2014 View Comments by

Oh Ducati, You’re Such a Tease….A brand new Ducati Scrambler is coming….but it’s not here yet. That’s the basic point behind the Italian company’s most recent media release. The original Scramblers, manufactured between 1962 and 1974 were a range of single cylinder bikes made for the American market with capacities between 250 and 450cc and designed for dirt racing. Though the new Scrambler will likely bare a resemblance to its ancestors, Ducati says it will, “reinterpret the original model in an entirely up-to-date way.” The company has yet to release any details or photos (except for this silhouette), but it’s probably safe to assume that when the long rumored Scrambler hits showroom floors in early 2015 it will do so having grown both dimensionally and in engine size. Ducati has set up a dedicated website for those wishing to track the Scrambler’s progress and you can check it out at: www.scramblerducati.com.


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