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Local DestinationsThis one is a follow-up to the “PP Breaks” blog that was recently posted, and highlights the Honey Run Falls area located a few minutes ride from Spearman’s Restaurant in Howard, OH. I mistakenly listed Millville as the location for Spearman’s, and although the two are close, the actual location is Howard. I’ve ridden extensively in this general area for decades without stumbling on this fantastic stop, and only learned about it when a riding buddy showed it to my wife and I.

Local DestinationsHoney Run Falls is essentially a small version of the topography typically seen in the Hocking Hills area, which is another natural attraction that I mentioned in my “Lighten Up” Ohio camping tour article (May/June ’14). In addition to the waterfall, there is a fairly short trail that leads to the banks of the scenic Kokosing River at Honey Run Falls, and a couple of well-placed benches offer visitors an excellent spot to relax and de-stress while listening to the hypnotic effects of the cascading water.

There is also a more expansive trail network immediately across the road from the main Honey Run Falls parking lot, and a three or four-hour visit before or after a meal at Spearman’s is perfect to fully explore the area. The falls are a popular stop for local Amish families as well, and horses hitched to buggies are frequently seen patiently waiting in the parking lots while their owners enjoy a picnic lunch by the falls.

Honey Run Falls is located at 10855 Hazel Dell Road in Howard, OH. Nobody knows these out of the way, special attractions like the locals, so I’m asking our readers to share some of their favorite spots so other riders can experience them when they’re in the area. What are your favorites?


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