Riding Courses Offered at RoadRUNNER’s Annual Touring Weekend

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Riding Courses Offered at RoadRUNNER’s Annual Touring WeekendTo sign up for either course, you must do so directly through their websites or by calling them directly: www.motomark1.com (919-637-0947) and www.stayinsafe.com (724-771-2269).

Here at RoadRUNNER, we strongly believe that one of the best investments any rider can make is in the area of motorcycle training. Many motorcyclists conclude their riding instruction with the MSF’s Basic Rider Course, the rest is left to experience. There are, however, a number of programs that can dramatically increase motorcycling proficiency. To encourage our readers to take advantage of these programs, we’ve asked instructors from MotoMark1 and Stayin Safe to join us at the ninth annual Touring Weekend in Snowshoe, WV this July. Here’s a breakdown of the two options.

Riding Courses Offered at RoadRUNNER’s Annual Touring WeekendMotoMark1’s Intro to Overland Course

This condensed four-hour session gives aspiring dual sport and adventure riders an introduction to serious off-road riding. Mark Brown, MotoMark’s owner and head instructor, is the former lead police motorcycle trainer for the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and holds a number of certifications in military and law enforcement motorcycle training. In the Intro to Overland Course, Mark will take students down a variety of roads including pavement, gravel, and dirt. Using radios and POV cameras, Mark and his staff will coach each participant as they negotiate water crossings, steep grades, and tight turns. The course will run Thursday, July 17th 8am-12pm and again from 1pm to 5pm. Cost is $250 per rider. www.motomark1.com

Riding Courses Offered at RoadRUNNER’s Annual Touring WeekendStayin’ Safe Half-Day On-Street Advanced Rider Training Tour

Using a mixture of radio communication and roadside “chalk talk” lessons, Stayin’ Safe’s expert trainers critique each rider as they tackle some of West Virginia’s twistiest roads. Participants will learn to read the road, choose the best corner entry speed and lane position, and stay on the best line. Cost is $225 per rider, and the Training Tour will run both in the morning and afternoon on Thursday, July 17th. www.stayinsafe.com

Stayin’ Safe Intro to European Riding Mini Session

This four-hour training course will teach riders the skills they’ll need to tackle the curves and switchbacks of the Alps. This training session is specifically designed for those wishing to polish their abilities before tackling Europe on one of RoadRUNNER’s organized tours. Eric Trow and the Stayin’ Safe crew will coach will teach European riding techniques on West Virginia’s mountain roads using bike-to-bike communication. This mini-session will also be held on Thursday, July 17th and cost is $225.

These classes are not included in the cost of your Touring Weekend registration. Visit  www.stayinsafe.com (724-771-2269) or www.motomark1.com (919-637-0947) to contact them directly and register.


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