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PP BreaksNow that I’ve got your attention, this one isn’t about what you think it is. One “P” stands for pie, and the other for petrol. Fortunately for me, there’s a place that sells both located the perfect distance from my house for an afternoon or evening ride.

Short local rides are a major part of my annual motorcycling experience, and it never hurts to have a gastronomic reason to hop on the bike. Spearman’s Restaurant, located at the intersection of routes 36 and 62 in Millwood, OH, provides just such a reason. Spearman’s is one of those throwback family diners that instantly transports one back a few decades when you step through the door.

The food is great whether it’s a meal or just dessert, and when you’re done there’s a go-juice dispenser out front so the bike doesn’t feel left out. There are numerous good roads in the immediate area, both paved and unpaved, and occasional glimpses of the scenic Kokosing River add visual interest to the ride.

If you’re in the area, make it a point to check out Route 715, which loops north of 36 just east of Spearman’s and returns back to 36 after several miles of Ohio’s best pavement and scenery. Honey Run Falls, a surprisingly nice roadside attraction, is within a couple of miles of Spearman’s as well. Route 715 had a trick up its sleeve for me one evening a couple of years ago, and I’ll probably have more about Honey Run Falls in an upcoming blog about local “gems” that make good ride destinations, so keep an eye out for more on these topics in the near future.

Well, I’ve done it again. Whenever I attempt to focus on one topic, in this case a good piece of pie, I inevitably start to wander and expound on the great riding here in southern Ohio. So let’s get back on the topic…I know I’m not the only pie lover out there, so where are your favorite PP stops? If there’s enough response, I can see the potential for a tour here. Shamrock pie tour anyone?


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