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Review: AGV Skyline HelmetMany of motorcycling’s technological advances have trickled down from the racetrack to the street. Some of the same research and development that goes into shaving tenths of seconds off lap times as well as keeping riders safe at 200 mph eventually makes its way, in one form or another, to showroom floors and gear catalogs. One example is the traction control systems found in many modern street motorcycles that trace their heritage back to multi-million dollar Moto GP bikes. In similar fashion, the AGV Skyline full-face helmet traces its lineage back to AGV’s GP-Tech race helmet worn by Valentino Rossi. The Skyline, however, is not designed for the uncompromising performance needed on the track; it is a street helmet first and foremost. This means the ventilation and aerodynamics don’t just work in a tucked-in riding position, but in a more relaxed, upright stance as well. To keep costs down, the Skyline uses a carbon-glass shell (a mixture of carbon fiber and fiberglass) as opposed to the carbon-Kevlar combination used in the GP-Tech. Still, the carbon-glass construction yields a high degree of protection and low weight.

One of the Skyline’s most distinctive race inspired features is the curved chin, which resembles the beak of a predatory bird. This shape quickly became one of my favorite aspects of the helmet. Not only does it provide more protection to your lower face, it also does a good job of keeping wind noise down. The helmet’s overall shape seems to slip through the air incredibly smoothly. There are six vents on the front of the helmet (four on the chin and two eyebrow vents); however, there are no exhaust vents in the rear to suck the air out the back. The result is airflow that is adequate, but not great. To keep touring riders happy, AGV has set up the Skyline for an aftermarket communication system with space in the chin for a microphone and foam cut outs in the ears for speakers. There’s also an internal sun shield that is marvelous when it’s bright outside, however it’s operated by a small latch on the left side of the helmet that can be quite difficult to find with gloves on.

The Skyline’s other features include a removable and washable liner, AGV’s XQRS (X-tra Quick Release System) visor lock, and an adjustable quick release chin strap. The sum of all these parts is a helmet that is quiet, functional, and very comfortable. The shape and innovations bred for racing translate surprisingly well into a touring helmet, at least when paired with the added creature comforts found in the AGV Skyline. Though it’s not perfect, the Skyline offers tremendous performance for a reasonable price.

AGV Skyline Helmet
Sizes: XXS-XXL
Price: $299.95-$359.95
Colors: various


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