2015 Honda NM4: Welcome to the Future

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2015 Honda NM4: Welcome to the FutureWell, we don’t have hoverboards yet, but soon we’ll have another new Honda (a small consolation). One way or another Big Red seems intent on dragging the motorcycle world into the future (there may or may not be kicking and/or screaming involved). Enter the NM4 with its futuristic, Bat Mobile like lines, fuel-efficient engine, and fancy multi-color display. The NM4 has the 670cc parallel twin from the NC700 along with its dual clutch gearbox, which is standard. Unlike previous Honda DCT models, there will be no manual transmission available for the NM4 and ABS is also standard. It’s obvious that Honda is once again going after a whole new generation of customers, those who’ve probably never owned a motorcycle. The NM4 caters to these new riders with its exceptionally low seat height of 25.6 inches, automatic transmission, and what will certainly be a smooth and easily managed engine. The bike features an all-digital instrument panel that has 25 background colors to choose from, an easily adjustable backrest, and 16 liter integrated saddlebags. The NM4 is set to retail for $10,999 in Black Metallic only. The new Honda isn’t likely to appeal to many experienced motorcyclists, but we can all hope that it will bring a new crop of riders into our sport, though it does bear a certain resemblance to Honda’s ill fated DN01. Look for the NM4, to hit dealer floors in June.



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