Farewell Maui

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Fairwell MauiMust all good things come to an end? In this case, it’s true. My one-month temporary dream job being an off-road motorcycle tour guide in Maui is over. Oh, how a month can fly by. It feels like just yesterday that Mr. Mike picked me up at the airport in his F-150 on that hot muggy day. I was coming from the north wearing jeans and, get this, socks and shoes. We drove to the shop, which would be my new home. It was a pretty decent set-up for a moto-bachelor. There was a bathroom with shower, a fridge for drinks, and a couch to sleep on—the best part was that it was free. Over the next few days I found myself settling into the routine of shop bum. When I wasn’t out riding, I would hang out in the shop with the garage door open, just enjoying the warm breeze off the ocean and watching all the traffic ebb and flow from Costco. So the view out of the garage wasn’t the best, but I couldn’t have cared less. I was in Hawaii, riding motorcycles, and getting paid a little to top it all off. My needs were met 100-percent. When it comes down to it,  those have been the times that I have been the happiest. Not when I have had the most, but when I’ve had little.

I was living this day-to-day life with no stress. For a month, I put all my finances and business ventures on hold. It was amazing. On one of the last days of my stay on the island, my friend Levi brought his bike in to put on a new chain and sprockets. At this point I had assumed the position of shop mechanic. Well we didn’t have exactly the right sized tools for the job, so we stripped out one of the bolts holding the rear sprocket to the hub. A quick trip to Wal-Mart got Levi an angle grinder and I got to work grinding down the bolt. Next thing I knew we were having a photo shoot with me as the “model.” Usually I am on the other side of the lens, but in the rare times that I am the subject, I ham it up and take full advantage of the attention. So thanks Levi for taking this picture.  I’m going to miss the island and all you guys. I’ll be back next winter, save a spot for me in the shop.



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