Breathtaking Stops: When Photos Fall Short

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Breathtaking Stops: When Photos Fall ShortLast summer my good friend Stephen and I went on a tour in Alabama, which you can check out in RoadRUNNER’s December ’13 issue (Huntsville, AL Shamrock Tour®). At the end of the tour’s first day, just as we were returning to city traffic and beginning to think of food and bed, suddenly a huge field opened up on the right side of the road. Golden wheat (if that’s what it was, I’m not completely sure) stretched off to meet a stunning blue sky as the late afternoon sun provided perfect light. It was one of those rare moments when we were caught completely off guard by beauty. We quickly pulled over to the roadside and began snapping pictures. A local approached us and let us know that this particular area was known as God’s Porch, but later, as I was writing the story, I could find no references to such a name or place anywhere on the Internet. Yet it made me glad. It’s nice that there is still some information and local lore that has not yet found its way into that vast digital expanse that now dominates so much of our world. I’m glad that in order to truly experience a place you still have to go there.

In the end, as so often happens, the photos turned out to be but a shadow of what our eyes took in that day. But that’s okay—it’s comforting to know that on every trip, on every ride there’s beauty waiting to be discovered that can’t be captured by anything but our minds and our memories.

What about you, when were you last surprised by some breathtaking roadside view?


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