Adaptiv Technologies GlowRider Vest Named to Nifty Fifty

Mar 27, 2014 View Comments by

Adaptiv Technologies GlowRider Vest Named to Nifty FiftyThe GlowRider Electro-Luminescent Vest from Adaptiv Technologies takes hi-vis apparel to the next level. In addition to its retina searing bright yellow color and reflective material, the GlowRider also boasts electro-luminescent panels on the back and sides of the vest. These panels are actively illuminated, which vastly increases the wearer’s visibility at night. The strips are flexible so the rider’s movements aren’t inhibited and they remain cool even after hours of operation. Power comes from an AA battery pack, which can keep the glow rider working for 70 hours or so.

In recognition of the vest’s innovative design, it was recently named to PowerSports Business Magazine’s “Nifty Fifty” list. The Nifty Fifty showcases 50 power sports industry products that can aid dealers with either their services or through strong sales. It’s certainly nice to see a safety oriented piece like the GlowRider making such a list as the industry as a whole continues to recognize the importance of visibility and protection.


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