President Signs Farm Bill Ending E15 Subsidy

Mar 01, 2014 View Comments by

2668Earlier this month President Obama signed the Agricultural Act of 2014 into law. This will effectively limit E15 in the nation’s fuel supply at least until 2018. The legislation includes a ban on using funds from the Rural Energy for America Program for installation of ethanol blender pumps in gas stations across the country. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack had planned on using that money to install some 10,000 E15 dispensers by 2016, a plan that is now delayed for years if not entirely dead. Many riders, and the American Motorcyclist Association, have feared that ethanol content higher than 10-percent may cause damage, and even total engine failure, in motorcycles. Likewise, a number of OEMs consider a motorcycle’s warranty void if E15 is used. For this reason the AMA, and other organizations, have fought the roll out of E15. In the wake of the Farm Bill’s signing, AMA Vice-President for Government Relations Wayne Allard says, “”It is gratifying to see our efforts on behalf of U.S. motorcyclists and ATV riders achieve this level of success.”


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