Book Review: Jupiter’s Travels in Camera

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Book Review: Jupiter’s Travels in CameraWhen Ted Simon’s round-the-world motorcycle adventure saga Jupiter’s Travels was first published in 1979, it did not include more than a few of the thousands of images he captured along the way. Now, over 30 years later, Mr. Simon has released 300 of his favorite photographs in the book Jupiter’s Travels in Camera from Haynes Publishing. The pictures, captured on film by a couple of Pentax cameras, follow Simon’s exploits across Europe and Africa, to the Americas, across the Pacific to New Zealand and Australia, around southeast Asia and India, and across the Middle East back to Europe. This epic journey is chronicled by over 250 pages of mostly color photography printed large with many full-page spreads. The tones and film grain present in these images from another time are a welcome departure from the slick digital production of today.

The book is arranged chronologically and is divided into chapters by region. Though the pictures are the heart of Jupiter’s Travels in Camera, maps, diagrams, and Simon’s thoughtful commentary help to immerse the reader in the places and times immortalized on film. It’s no accident that the book’s release coincides with the 40th anniversary of Simon’s 1973 departure from England on a 500cc Triumph Tiger 100.

Jupiter’s Travels in Camera

Hardcover, 256 pages

ISBN: 9780857333575

Haynes Publishing

Price: $49.95


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