RoadRUNNER’s Top 10 Riding Roads in the U.S.

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RoadRUNNER's Top 10 Riding Roads in the U.S.As we established in our previous top ten list, the two main criteria for a great motorcycle road are scenery and curves. Since we’ve already listed our favorite scenic routes, it’s time to share our top ten pure rider’s roads. Once again, RoadRUNNER touring expert Jim Parks gives us the scoop.

1.     Tail of the Dragon (North Carolina and Tennessee)

Arguably the most famous motorcycling road in the country, U.S. 129 is well known for its 318 curves in 11 miles.

2.     U.S. 33 (Virginia and West Virginia)

This challenging mountain road cuts across the Shenandoah Valley and includes several Appalachian Mountain passes.

3.     Back of the Dragon (Virginia)

Virginia Route 16 is being pitched as an alternative to the more famous Tail of the Dragon, and with 32 miles of curves, the fun certainly lasts longer.

4.     The Triple Nickle (Ohio)

Ohio State Route 555 is one of RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads for a reason, its tight curves and many elevation changes make it a technical delight.

5.     Moonshiner 28 (North Carolina)

Made infamous by its history as a moonshiner’s run, NC Highway 28 stretches 103 miles from the Tail of the Dragon to Walhalla, SC and features several sections that are just as twisty as The Dragon.

6.     Spearfish Canyon Route 14A (South Dakota)

Another Bucket List Road, this curvy and technical route carves between the sheer walls of Spearfish Canyon.

7.     Three Twisted Sisters (Texas)

Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337a twist and roll across Texas Hill Country for 131 miles. Plenty of sharp turns require a motorcyclist’s full attention.

8.     Rip Van Winkle Highway (New York)

New York State Route 23 meanders east to west across the state for 156 miles with plenty of opportunities to wear down those sidewalls.

9.     The McKenzie Hwy (Oregon)

Highway 242 out of Sisters, OR carves deep through the heart of the Cascade Range. The tight turns and switchbacks last for miles and the stunning volcanic landscape is an added bonus.

10.  State Route 92 (Colorado)

This 73-mile long motorcycling gem is also a Bucket List Road and is one of the most entertaining rides in a state full of mountain twisties.

And there you have it.Which roads have you ridden? Which would you add to the list from your personal experience?

*Note* These are Jim’s personal picks, and he only chose roads he’s actually ridden.


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