Review: REV’IT! Summit H20 Gloves

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Review: REV’IT! Summit H20 GlovesSport touring gloves should do a few things. They should firstly protect your hands in a crash, secondly they should be all-day comfortable, they should also offer as much dexterity as possible, and, finally, being waterproof doesn’t hurt. When I first put on the Summit H20 gloves from REV’IT! I immediately notice how comfortable they are, and after miles gripping the bars, they live up to that initial impression. The gloves are comprised mainly of goatskin, which is soft, durable, and has lots of grip. Protection is ample with a TPU knuckle guard, pinky protector, and palm slider along with individual finger protectors. I would categorize these gloves as mini-gauntlets since they have that shape while being shorter than full gauntlets. There are two Velcro closures, one around the cuff, and one to tighten the fit around the wrist. Other features include a handy squeegee on the left index finger, grippy material on the palms, and stretch panels to increase flexibility.

The Summit H20 is a three-season glove and will be more than adequate on all but the hottest or coldest days. I wore them in temperatures down into the 30s, and they did an admirable job, however my fingers were getting pretty chilly after about half an hour. A Hydratex liner means the gloves should keep your hands dry, though I’ve only experienced light rain in them so far (no problems to report). One thing I like about the Summit as opposed to other waterproof gloves is that the liner isn’t separate from the glove itself so there’s nothing to pull out of the glove when you take it off that you’ll have to stuff back in later (I’m looking at you, Alpinestars).

REV’IT!’s Summit H20 glove is a simple, well made, highly protective, waterproof touring glove. It’s comfortable, performs as expected, and I tend to forget about them completely when I ride, and, really, isn’t that all you want?

REV’IT! Summit H20 Glove

Sizes: S-4XL

Color: Black

Price: $134.99


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