G’Day USA: An Australian Couple Tours America Part Two

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G'Day USA: An Australian Couple Tours America Part TwoNeedless to say Mother Nature doesn’t take a vacation simply because a nice Aussie couple does, and as you would expect, Trevor and Kaye rode through nearly every form of weather you can imagine; driving rain, hail, hot humidity, frigid cold, dust storms, and, well, you get the idea. To say they narrowly avoided a few catastrophes would be an understatement, as Kaye pointed out in a Facebook post during the trip:

G'Day USA: An Australian Couple Tours America Part Two“We seem to be just missing disasters, or have been in places where they have recently happened—we were in Oklahoma a day after a tornado, in the town of West after the fertilizer plant blew up half the town, caught the tail end of a cyclone in Florida, were in Boston after the marathon bombing, fires surrounded us when we were in Montana, and we left Colorado a day before the floods hit!”

As the summer drew to a close the air grew crisper, the leaves began to turn, and the Blackleys journeyed west back to Los Angeles where they were to enjoy the last few days of the trip before heading back down under. An interesting aside here is that Australian regulations do not allow built/modified trikes to be imported into the country, so Trevor had to ‘de-convert’ his Harley back to a two-wheeler and ship the kit and bike separately. Once it gets to Australia, he will have to convert it back to a trike and then register it from there. Now that’s dedication! One of the hardest things Trevor had to re-learn, other than driving on the right hand side of the road, was riding the two wheeled bike to the freight company after being used to it having three wheels.

G'Day USA: An Australian Couple Tours America Part TwoWhen asked how the trike performed throughout the voyage, Trevor didn’t hesitate to let us know.

“Wonderful! We traversed everything from smooth curvy roads to rutted out pavement littered with pot holes, cracks, and inches of water. The trike performed with precision, steered very easily, and was more than capable of handling any road we traveled. It was a mechanically flawless trip with the Roadsmith, and most importantly, Kaye was happy that she felt so safe and secure.”

Product testimony aside, there are just some people who have an infectious zeal for life and a passion for new adventure on the open road. Trevor and Kaye embody the free spirit that caused us all to fall in love with motorcycles in the first place. No fancy gimmicks, trends, or fads—just a guy and his girl twisting the throttle of an open-aired machine with their knees in the breeze (and maybe some bugs in their teeth) catching all the raw beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. No matter where in the world you call home, there are thousands of other people out there cut from the same cloth; all with a yearning to get behind a set of handlebars. To meet and work with people who exemplify this, in its purest form, is truly inspiring and can’t help but to be contagious.

Trevor and Kaye were very thankful to everyone and in some parting words wrote:

“We loved meeting you all. I reckon one day all you blokes and sheilas might wander “down under” and we’ll shout you a cold tinnie from the esky, cook up some grub, pull up a pew under the Mulga tree and tell a few yarns.” (In English—we will welcome you to Australia, drink some beer, and have a talk.)

Sounds good to us, ride on Blackleys.

Text: Taylor Young

Photos: Trevor and Kaye Blackley

Roadsmith Trikes has been selling three-wheelers since the 1970s. Today, they offer a variety of conversion kits for Gold Wings, Harleys, Victories, as well as other makes and models. You can check them out at www.trikeshop.com.

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