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Thanksgiving Traditions

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Thanksgiving TraditionsI have a sort of tradition of taking Big Red to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner. I can’t always do it but this year “Aunt Cori” had arranged to spend the rest of the weekend with her dear friend Paula and Paula’s daughters Kristen (13) and Lauren (11). Hi guys! The fact that it was 25 degrees this year as I packed to leave was only of mild concern. Of greater concern were the 99 cold miles between me and the food that awaited my arrival. Given the distance, temperature, shortness of the day, and the fact that I was riding into heavy deer territory, the plan was to spend the night at my parents’ place and ride back the next day.

A couple things go along with my Thanksgiving riding tradition. One is my brother (who also rides but never when it’s that cold outside), catching my eye from across the room and telling me I’m “expletive crazy” for riding. Another is my other, more secret tradition of sneaking some deviled eggs off the table without being caught before dinner. Mom makes a deviled egg that can only be described as heavenly and I only get them once or twice a year.

The tray with eggs, carrot strips, and sweet pickles (these latter two items serving merely as filler – I’ve never seen anyone touch them) is the first thing on the table every year. You know that trick you used when you were a kid of rearranging the food on your plate so it looked like you ate more than you did so you could be excused? I know, I know… it never worked for me either. Well, parents are hip to that trick when you’re young. When you’re 48, though, their guard is down, they don’t suspect such childish behavior and you can use that same technique to hide your tracks. You swipe a few eggs, rearrange the remaining ones, and get away undetected. I’ve gotten away with it for years.

I’ve always said every ride is a good ride. Among the best are those that end with seeing the smiling faces of the people you love most in the world. After dinner was over and everyone was gone (and having, once again, gotten away with the egg heist) I settled down with a beer to watch the movie Stepbrothers with my mother, whom I so love to hear laugh. All the while I knew that the next day I would get to ride the 99 miles back home with a plate of leftovers in my top-case (maybe even a few deviled eggs if there were any left). It doesn’t get much better than that.


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