The Fastest Growing Motorcycle Manufacturer in the U.S. is…

Dec 11, 2013 View Comments by

The Fastest Growing Motorcycle Manufacturer in the U.S. is…Go ahead, take a guess. If you said KTM, you are correct (ok, the photo was a big hint). The Austrian company saw their November 2013 sales numbers rise nearly 50-percent as compared to the previous year. Year to date sales are up 28.8-percent, which leads all other companies in the U.S market. KTM has released a number of new motorcycles over the past few years, and looks to keep the pressure on other OEMs with the introduction of the 1190 Adventure and 1290 Super Duke R (pictured above) for 2014. Brad Hagi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for KTM says, “Credit for this amazing performance is due to the excellent new products we have brought to market and the increased effort for KTM by our dealer network.” What do you think? Have you noticed the recent growth of the orange machine? Has KTM come on your new bike radar lately?


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