AMA Endorses Lane Splitting

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AMA Endorses Lane SplittingIt’s been legal in California for years, but for the rest of the country local laws don’t condone filtering through traffic. The American Motorcyclist Association, however, is willing to help motorcyclists try to change that for their respective states. In a statement released recently the AMA says, “Given the ongoing success of lane splitting in California and the recent enthusiasm for lane splitting and/or filtering in other states, the AMA endorses these practices and will assist groups and individuals working to bring legal lane splitting and/or filtering to their states.” In many other countries lane splitting isn’t just common practice, it’s often expected that the smaller and narrower two-wheelers will make their way to the front thereby reducing traffic congestion. The AMA also cites the famous Hurt Report released in 1981 (one of the most definitive studies on the causes of motorcycle crashes to date), which suggests that the practice of lane splitting may slightly reduce the risk of a crash when a motorcycle is locked in heavy traffic. What do you think? Should lane splitting be legal nationwide? If you live in California, what’s been your experience? Do you think it’s plausible that lane splitting reduces risk?

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