Aeromoto Road Tech Short Gloves

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Aeromoto Road Tech Short GlovesAeromoto, one of the in-house brands of motorcycle parts and gear distributor Competition Accessories, has a variety of quality, well priced, and unique gear options. One of them is the Aeromoto Road Tech Short glove (there’s also a similar, though longer, version called the Track Tech Race glove).

The first thing you’ll likely notice about the Road Techs is that they look much like something Darth Vader would wear, which isn’t a bad thing. The black leather with contrasting white stitching and stout metal and carbon fiber knuckle guards combine for a futuristic, no-nonsense look. Speaking of guards, the Road Techs offer as much protection as any short glove on the market. They feature a scaphoid protection system, which are basically plastic patches on the palm that are designed to slide along instead of catching on the asphalt. This is a great idea that could prevent injury to the scaphoid and other bones in the wrist. As previously mentioned, large metal and carbon fiber knuckle guards dominate the back of the gloves, and small metal armor pieces protect the knuckles of the index, middle, and ring fingers. The thumb and pinky aren’t forgotten either as small abrasion resistant fabric patches cover their knuckles as well. The glove’s all leather construction is held together with double stitching in important areas and the overall feeling one gets from wearing them is that of first rate protection (mixed with a false sense of invincibility).

These gloves are intended for use in mild temperatures, as they will not be warm enough when it’s cold and may be too warm when it’s hot. They are also not intended to be waterproof since they have some perforation to aid airflow. The fit is tight and sporty with a Velcro closure around the wrist. One of the few niggles I have with the gloves is that, while they fit perfectly, for some reason the metal armor on the right index finger rubs my knuckle just enough to be uncomfortable. Likely this is specific to my anatomy, especially since only my right hand is affected. Also, while the overall quality of the gloves is quite high, there are some gaps between the metal and carbon fiber parts of the knuckle guards. These gaps are unlikely to affect the Road Tech’s ability to keep your hands safe and are only apparent upon close inspection.

At $119.99, the Road Techs aren’t all that cheap, but you do get first rate fit and protection for your money. Also, they’ll be perfect for finishing off that Vader Halloween costume next year.

Aeromoto Road Tech Short Motorcycle Gloves

Sizes: S-3XL

Price: $119.99

Color: Black

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