2014 Honda Forza 300: The Middleweight Scoot

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2014 Honda Forza 300: The Middleweight ScootWith the current trend of ever increasing displacement, even in the scooter category, worthy mounts like Honda’s Forza 300 sometimes get overlooked. In reality, however, for those in the market for a scooter, the 300cc class may be the butter zone. With its fuel injected, liquid cooled 279cc single, there aren’t many races this Honda will win, but that’s hardly the point. What it will do is get fantastic gas mileage (claimed to be in the area of 68 mpg) with enough power to get you, your luggage, and even a passenger up to freeway speeds. And, with a fully fueled weight of only 422 pounds (428 with ABS), the Forza isn’t too big to retain that urban flexibility that, until recently, was a hallmark of nearly every scooter. The Forza features a Combined Braking System (CBS), which links the front and rear brakes together; ABS is optional. The braking hardware consists of a single 256mm front disc with three-piston caliper and a 240mm rear disc with single-piston caliper. The 2014 Honda Forza’s MSRP is $5,599 with the ABS model coming in at $6,099.

How does that compare to other scooters in its class? The Kymco Downtown 300i with its 299cc motor, and otherwise very similar specs to the Honda retails for an identical $5,599 (ABS isn’t an option). The Kymco People 300i, designed for more around town use and without a large fairing, comes in $200 less at $5,399. Moving upmarket, the Vespa GTV 300ie offers similar features to the Honda and Kymco but with loads of Italian style for $6,999. The stripped down Vespa GTS 300ie, at $6,399, is still substantially more expensive than its Asian competition.

So, if you were in the market for a 300cc class scoot, does Big Red win, or do the Kymco’s edge it out? Or, for a little extra cash, would you be like Audrey Hepburn or Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday and go with the Vespa?


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