Update from RoadRUNNER’s World Travelers: Simon and Lisa Thomas

Oct 24, 2013 View Comments by

Update from RoadRUNNER’s World Travelers: Simon and Lisa ThomasAfter traversing the Land of Oz (check out Australia’s Outback: The World’s Longest Shortcut in the Nov/Dec ’13 issue and Australia Part 2: Coasting Down Under in the upcoming Jan/Feb ’14 issue), Simon and Lisa took on New Zealand for a brief four-week visit before returning to the United States. The couple celebrated their tenth year on the road back in May of this year. While in America, they shared highlights of their travels at several BMW Motorrad dealers along the west coast before heading down to Flagstaff, AZ, for the Overland Expo. Currently the intrepid adventurers are preparing for the next leg of their journey. The plan, which is always subject to change, is to tackle Alaska and Canada before heading up the east coast of Africa and on to the Middle East and Eastern Europe. You can keep track of their progress at their website: www.2ridetheworld.com.


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