National Corvette Museum Features Motorcycle Exhibit

Oct 16, 2013 View Comments by

National Corvette Museum Features Motorcycle ExhibitMotorcyclists tend to be fairly committed gear heads who can appreciate a good work of mechanical art—whether it travels on two wheels or four. It seems the same is true for fans of America’s sports car, the Corvette. Until January 3, 2014 the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY is hosting a motorcycle exhibit featuring a variety of interesting bikes. Some of the highlights include: a 1966 Bridgestone Special Racer, which won the 1966 Daytona Sportsman 200, a Motus MST-R sport touring bike that was developed in conjunction with Pratt & Miller Engineering, a 1967 Triumph Bonneville T120R known as “World Landspeed Record Holder” for Triumph’s feats at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and a 1928 Indian Scout.

Wendell Strode, the museum’s Executive Director, says, “at the National Corvette Museum, we strive to bring new and innovative exhibits to your facility. While our main focus is and always will be the Corvette, America’s Sports Car, we love shaking things up a bit and introducing something new to our visitors. No two visits to the museum are the same, and with exhibits like this featuring motorcycles, we hope to bring in folks who might not have otherwise visited.”

The display hosts over 40 bikes of all different makes and models. The museum also plans to open a Motorsports Park, which will host events featuring Corvettes as well as motorcycles and other cars.

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