Battle of the Brits

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Battle of the BritsThis past weekend the Detroit Triumph Sports Car Club held the 31st annual “Battle of the Brits–Car and Motorcycle Show.” British (and not so British) made motorbikes of all shapes, sizes, and makes were on display. Along with my wife, my daughter, and myself, several thousand others were in attendance on this perfect late summer day.

Representing the Brits were bikes from BSA, Norton, AJS, and even a pre-war Excelsior. American and European models ranging from Ducati to BMW to Harley-Davidson were also competing for prizes. Of most interest to me were the “Scrambler” style bikes—those designed for getting off the beaten path (even if just in theory). High pipes, knobby tires, and higher, wider handlebars, all the stuff that makes me drool. I have been somewhat pre-occupied lately with the idea of building my own “Scrambler” style motorcycle and got more than a few ideas from those on display. Along with the bikes competing, there was a couple of old Hondas as well as a trio of Harley flat trackers on exhibit in the vendor’s area.

I have attended my fair share of these types of events and I am always amazed at the care and love that goes into either restoring or maintaining these two-wheeled marvels of engineering. It’s especially impressive since many of the bikes are almost half a century old with a few nearing the centennial marker. Winners were selected in several different categories including: “Master Class” (or best in show), “Café,” “Scooter and Moped,” “Italian,” and many others. I’m not sure what criteria the judges use to select the “winners.” I personally would be hard-pressed to do so.

With riding season slowly winding down in much of the northern hemisphere, keep an eye out for shows in your area. If you haven’t attended one, I suggest you do, as it is a great way to spend the day.

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