Trans America Trail: Santa Clause and Mermaids

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Trans America Trail: Santa Clause and MermaidsOne thing I have never gotten used to is seeing mountains to the south of me. Growing up in Connecticut, mountains were to the north where Santa Clause lived, of course, and sea level was to the south where mermaids roamed and our government kept a close eye on Cuba. This is the type of geography I seem to remember learning in elementary school and it served me well for many years. Perhaps my memory is a byproduct of the discounted school lunches served with copious amounts of “free” government cheese. Cheese so good we put it into our chicken noodle soup. But alas, as I have traveled more I have learnt that navigation may be a wee bit more complicated than that.

Before I moved to Colorado I rarely used cardinal direction. Honestly, I didn’t even know “cardinal” direction was a way of describing North, South, East, and West. I thought it was simply a bird or a baseball team that occasionally played other bird teams like the Oriels. No, until I moved west my life was a series of left and rights. With the occasional, “turn left at the big tree, or “it’s just past Mr. and Mrs. Robel’s farm,” thrown in for good measure.

Off-road riding has taught me many things, but most importantly I have learnt that mountains are no longer solely located in the North Pole. I have been forced to read maps more closely, understand roll tapes, and even agree with my GPS from time to time. While this is not as much fun as following a red nosed reindeer as it passes by the North Star, or chasing scantily clad fish-ladies that dream of dancing on land with handsome princes, it has allowed me to get out and experience a whole lot more of this great big amazing world!

With that epiphany out of the way, today I am heading southwest towards Mississippi and apparently through some mountain like areas.

To be continued . . .


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