Third Eye Design Helmet Mounted Brake Light and Turn Signal

Sep 07, 2013 View Comments by

Third Eye Design Helmet Mounted Brake Light and Turn SignalAt RoadRUNNER we are always interested in new technologies that improve safety. We came across this one at the Americade Rally in June. In the video below, Dave Werner, President of Third Eye Designs, demonstrates the prototype for his patented helmet mounted brake light and turn signal. The system works by installing a transmitter unit on the motorcycle and attaching the light to a helmet (an OEM helmet with the light built in is in the works). The light is completely wireless and communicates to the transmitter via an advanced ultra-low frequency H-field backscatter generator with magnetic pulse technology. This means the system draws very little power (the battery should last six months or so) and is not subject to interference from infrared and radio transmissions prevalent in populated areas. The low power draw means there’s no need for an on/off switch, which makes it impossible to forget to turn it on or off. The Third Eye Brake Light definitely looks like a great idea with even better implementation; we look forward to trying one out!



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