Motorcycle Commuting: The Highs and Lows

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Motorcycle Commuting: The Highs and LowsLately I’ve been commuting to work quite a bit, not every day (especially since here in North Carolina it’s rained at least once a day pretty much all summer long), but at least two or three times a week. The difference between commuting in my car and commuting on a bike is massive. For one thing, when I’m taking a bike I know that I need to start the process of exiting the door earlier, as it does take a little more time to don my gear and get ready to go. Also, when on the bike I notice that there are far more people on the phone on my ride home than there are on my ride to work. Makes sense I guess, but it certainly gets my attention considering nearly half of the drivers around me are probably yapping away during the five o’clock rush hour. Other observations include the fact that it is rather annoying to be stuck wearing dedicated riding boots (at least the pair I have) all day and that large touring bikes (i.e. a BMW K 1600 GTL and a Yamaha FJR) aren’t all that fun to navigate through stop and go traffic.

When I’m in my car I tend to zone out while listening to whatever awful things are going on in the world—courtesy of radio news. When I’m on a motorcycle, it’s just me and my thoughts, no news of nerve gas in Syria, turmoil in Egypt, political stalemate in Washington, or wildfires in California. Much better.

Do you commute on your bike? If so what makes it better/worse than your car?

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